Monday, February 1, 2016


This boy or girl say that she does not want to write anymore, she or he say that is hurst physically,mentally and emotionally to write the book this part is confusing, I do not understand this how is it even possible that someone can get hurt by writing O well moving on,I do not get this book because he say he is in one place then in the next sentence he is another like he does not say how he got there. Final he say who he is his name is Ryan, this name sounds like a boy yup I am pretty sure it is a boy,

ok so i get this now ok i get this so it is this guy so drive in a car and he had crashed,he was admitted in the hospital and the doctor say he is not going to survive so he starts to write his life experience in a journal this is what I think, by see the dates this boy was writing this for 6 day with pause in between like few hours but 6 Days only i though it will be like a year worth of writing.

he say the he goes to school so i think he will be is his mid 16 17 maybe,he also say that he want to say a lot to Sarah she sounds like Ryan s' girlfriend,ok so Ryan is crazy about writing like so crazy he write every day since many years,so he say he like to write scary story and real life scary stories of his life so he say that he live in a haunted area and he has see it with his eye he say he is tired very tired me too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is the new book i will be doing which is called skeleton creek by patrick carman the front cover is like a video screen it says 3 sentences first one is to read the book second is watch the video and the finial one is to uncover the mystery I really like this idea that the book cover look like a page one youtube, ok so now we go in to the book.

when I opened this book is just look like the book diary of a wimpy kid it is the same consept it is just like a diary,one the first sentence he say that he thought that ok this is it I'm am dead this sound like something that someone will say we a plane  is crashing and then it suddenly fly up and it get back to normal, ok so is sounds like a horror movies but i like how he describes the last 2 weeks, he say that he was in a hospital I do not understand this is this like dream because after he says that I had slept in my own room for the first time since everything happened than suddenly he say that he have a habit of walking into the hospital i do not get this, i will try to understand later. 

The narrator sound like a mental man he say that he woke up heard a train but in his head he heard something else what is this, he also say that it was something that sneak pass the early dawn I think he mean a ghost yes he finial say that it was his overactive imagination.This sound like he is a boy or girl that is going through so kind of paranoia,he also say that this is when i begun to write.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nerds by Michael Buckley #6

In the start of part 6 they describe hyena the professional killer but she sound like she is some kind of super model,but the name does not suit her. I do not understand this how did such a beautiful girl become so violent.This girl is like a walking ultimate super ninja ,she is like the ultimate weapon.
 I think hyena did not understand by the term assassin they kill people and tell now she did not kill anyone that is not a assassin that sounds more like a cop.half of these pages describe a minion or henchman like why. Most of the scientists before did crazy job that you will not expect a scientists to be, like a boxer, the scientist that hyena went after his device was so cool it could pick up anything heavy or light like a whale or a truck,and on top of that the device was some tiny.

who goes on a mission on high heel,she was chasing the doctor with high heel yes it did brake but the amazing part was when the heel of the shoe broke she pick it up and threw it towards the doctor way and this man is standing like 20 meters away and it knock him of his legs and he was just laying there like a log,Ya this is the end of part 6 it was basally about hyena not much more.    

Friday, November 20, 2015


Part5-I like how they said jackson brain screamed.It was so funny that how he used his rugby skills to escape from the scientists.When he entered a room, he saw cool buttons and blinking light and he was like try to send a email to the police for help,the funny thing was  that he did not know where the start button was ha this boy he is just weird.

The part where he just starts pushing random buttons like expected he get a voice and it scan him for his weakness with lasers this part is cool and then again like a fool he type more random button and he see holograms that is so cool holograms I which I had hologram they will be so cool to have them.

It is crazy how he does not know what upgrade know at the end of these part the suspense just kills me it just says he will be getting 8 arm in his mouth and the machine come closer and closer and everything turn black and boom end of part 5 that is just to much suspense.

Part4-I like how instead of one story all together the author separated it in to parts like they are like 2 or 3 story that are going on at the same time, I think that all this will meet at the same place or chapter. After read a little this lair sounds like a prison but the only difference that it is at the north pole as they said the henchmen took all there cloths and gave them prison jump suits. 

When they talk about where they stay, that is so cruel" they stay in small tiny cramped areas and it does even have windows, they were not allowed to use any phone they got these scientists for solving question wow, I liked hyena question when she asked Dr jigsaw, This man is just crazy he is so bad he sounds like a super evil mastermind, after when he tells his plans to the scientist I was in so much suspense I really wanted to know what his plan was I was going crazy and at the end he just says that I already built it I my head I was like what could it be but i have to wait to find out.


Part 3- at the start i like how he said his gaggle friends and he fells like a ghost that is a amazing way to describe a lonely person, when at the end of the page he said that he started to notice his friends, and said that Steve server like to smell his food after each bite like what who does that who smells there food at every bite, and the other thing he told about his friends like wow he can notice people, when me said he started to spy on his friends I was like finally some action but this boy went to far like ear dropping on them, followed them home and opened there mail box this is what pros do.

 Jackson ah he is becoming into a better spy ever day he spy on students, teachers and staff this boy had a lot of patient for doing this. I like the part were Jackson never knew even a library excited in his school I know right he was the most popular kid in school and he never knew where the library was. 

He actually thought that people go to the library to see the pretty Liberian, but the people he was spying on came there to only read books, you when he went to see what those nerds were reading and after seeing what they read i can’t believe that he did not even thing if the book that they were readings links to something oh wait his is a kid, after school while he was walking he say he attracted the car I thought he got attracted to the car.

 When he open the broom closet he say that he say  urinal cakes what is that it can not be a cake who keep cake in a broom closet it has to be something else.ah the janitor name is brand you know what that means the janitor is a super spy final some action. Ewe the principal picks his nose ah the is gross why, when he was in the locker the floor dropped finial some spy action. Finial he entered the spy room, all of the spy stuff sounded amazing i wished had them. I like it in the end of part 3 it was like we were see this story in a spy monitor and then it was like the author was talk to use i like part 3 the most it is were most of the action is. 


Part 2-I fell like mostly most of the chapters start with different stories. This person does not sound like a person but more like a place it says the hyena. How is this lady a criminal it says that she earn money for criminal activity and use it on mittens and long underwear, ok mittens should like a cat I understand but long underwear i don’t get that, the part where he describe the man who enters her room that man sounds like a Viking.

 Later when hyena said if I had a nickel for ever mastermind who tell me they are going to conquer the world, this part it reminds me of ben 10, as you know ben 10 defeats ever mastermind he fought. I always wonder how much money was in envelope. This guys Dr jigsaw he has sliver fort on ice how is that not sinking it is made out of sliver like how is that not sinking