Thursday, August 27, 2015

Harry Potter and the philosopher stone was a good book i read i loved it a lot this book was written by J.K Rowling . Harry was a young wizard who found out about his powers. he makes many friends and few enemies . I found this very amazing that he was able to go in a flying car I wish flying car was real so that we do not have to stay in traffic all day waiting in the heat thing about how to tell our bosses why we came late but in the book is filled will  magic. the sad thing is that the dark lord killed his parent when this part came I cried a little and it is amazing that harry potter surived with only a scare on his forehead . harry potter came to Hogwarts school to learn and get strong with his magic 
I read the first part of the book all i can say child abuse harry s' aunt and uncle and so evil because harry s ' room was a cupboard under the stairs .The thing that distinguishes is the lighting bolt scar on his forehead. He always wondered how he got the scar . His uncle told harry that he got it in a car crash and his parents die in the car crash.He had left it like that because his uncle first rule was to not ask any question.His uncle is so evil if i harry i would have ran away.

Harry goes to the zoo with his uncle , aunty and dudley he was stuck seeing only the snake as it was sleeping. Harry started speaking to the snake and the snake understood him. It started moving and dudley rushes back pushes harry, Harry gets angry and then somehow the glass vanishes and dudley fall in . The snake comes out harry thinks that the snake speaks to him.His uncle think it was magic and blames harry for it.