Friday, April 22, 2016


He says that he went to other villages that may have see the plane crash this all just reminds me of the TV show air crash investigation. A few line down he saw he was going to fly to a anchorage and he says he gets on a plane and plane goes up to 3 thousand feet in the sky which is really high up and he says he see a moose like how is that even possible unless he has eagle vision, then he say how much  he loved nature and how beautiful it is and then he says the airplane engine stops. That was like someone was throne up to heaven and then fall back to hell wow well that went from happiness to sadness in less than a minute.

He says as soon as the engine stop everyone in the plain became dead stick I like how he expressed everyone feeling in  two word. he says the plane ways gliding and their where no engines which mean no control of the plain well that would be very terrifying. He says that the pilot was look for a place to land the plane like where will he even find a clear spot. It is funny how the pilot said "No worry this always happen just sit in your seats",Like who says that don't worry this always happen like everyone know it is not going to end well.

Monday, April 18, 2016


He says that he witness a airplane crash the way he say what happened just got me like wow, he says he hit the ground at 180 knots which is 330 km per hour which is crazy fast, he says that the only thing he could recognize was the airplane engine and even the bodies of the 3 passengers were no where to be seen, He says that even the investigation team gave up because they could not find out what caused the airplane to crash.

  he says that he says in the army how does army man turn into a firefighter. He says when he was 7 years old he saw a plane land in the water as close as possible to the ship he was in. he says that when the plane skipped on the water the second time the plane s' tail split is 2 pieces. when the plane crash he saw children and women come out of the plane a, They would have been terrified.

He says that there were sharks in the water when the plane crash ok know that is scary. He say that the sharks at the people and the sailor had to hit the sharks and pull people out of the sharks mouth wow and he is seven years old he is see this wow i would have vomited by now. When the plane hit the water he says it was like it hit a brick wall that sound very painfull .

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guts by Gary Paulsen #1

So now I will be reading a new book called Guts by Gary Paulsen, So at the starting of the book it basically tells us about the book. Charter 1 it just say Heart attacks, Plane crashes and Flying as the heading well that was so self-explanatory, The first line says the he was sitting in a bush plane what is a bush plane well I have no clue so moving on. Ok so says the one a guy named Brian was in a airplane alone flying to who know what, when the pilot dies of a heart attack, So he takes the place of the pilot and land in the lake swim out of the plane calls for a ambulance well that was fast this is what the book literally said.

 Ok so this is the kind of book that switches between the author and the main charter in the book. Ok so now the author says the before he became a successful author he used to work at home writing as much as he could. The author says that he used to answer emergency ambulance calls. So he says that he was called to a emergency call saying that someone who had chest pains he made a 20 min drive to the location a 14 min drive because he drove like a mad man.

Is says that as soon as he reached the house he could smell methane which is a flammable gas and there was a old man who was inhaling it for like an hour which is so deadly and plus on top of that even if one spark came in the room that whole house would have exploded. It also says that the man old man who was inhaling that gas died in front of him and he saw his life go into death wow that would be so scary seeing someone die right in front of you.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


This guys does not even know the exact date and he says that he wrote many journal before like what did he write about. he say also that he hidden all the other journals he wrote.He say that the place skeleton creek is like a place that nobody want to come because of its name that true i will not go there he also say that it is a place where they do not want anybody to come because they might be hiding something,I think they guys are try to figure out what happen to skeleton in the past so they even tell us that they go to a library to find out the past of skeleton creek, I like how he say the library is deadly quiet,It funny how he say that the Liberian gladys morgen' s skin is like old newspaper I wonder how it feels like,Mrs morgen sound like the protector of the book and all the secrets.    

Monday, February 22, 2016


So in the next part he say he has to keep this hidden and nobody has to see him writing this, he also mentions that they are curious enough and they are watching him like who is they i am so curious, he saws that he is a prisoned in his room,it look like that someone is spying on him and maybe finding for him.He say that he has been gone for two weeks for what i want to know i thing he had a accident.So later I think that he came  to his home after two weeks in the hospital and the driver who dropped him off say that the place where he lives is forgotten, the driver who dropped him turned sharply and drove away.In the end he says that he know something is wrong with the place  where he lives in,he says that someone is coming for them.

Monday, February 1, 2016


This boy or girl say that she does not want to write anymore, she or he say that is hurst physically,mentally and emotionally to write the book this part is confusing, I do not understand this how is it even possible that someone can get hurt by writing O well moving on,I do not get this book because he say he is in one place then in the next sentence he is another like he does not say how he got there. Final he say who he is his name is Ryan, this name sounds like a boy yup I am pretty sure it is a boy,

ok so i get this now ok i get this so it is this guy so drive in a car and he had crashed,he was admitted in the hospital and the doctor say he is not going to survive so he starts to write his life experience in a journal this is what I think, by see the dates this boy was writing this for 6 day with pause in between like few hours but 6 Days only i though it will be like a year worth of writing.

he say the he goes to school so i think he will be is his mid 16 17 maybe,he also say that he want to say a lot to Sarah she sounds like Ryan s' girlfriend,ok so Ryan is crazy about writing like so crazy he write every day since many years,so he say he like to write scary story and real life scary stories of his life so he say that he live in a haunted area and he has see it with his eye he say he is tired very tired me too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This is the new book i will be doing which is called skeleton creek by patrick carman the front cover is like a video screen it says 3 sentences first one is to read the book second is watch the video and the finial one is to uncover the mystery I really like this idea that the book cover look like a page one youtube, ok so now we go in to the book.

when I opened this book is just look like the book diary of a wimpy kid it is the same consept it is just like a diary,one the first sentence he say that he thought that ok this is it I'm am dead this sound like something that someone will say we a plane  is crashing and then it suddenly fly up and it get back to normal, ok so is sounds like a horror movies but i like how he describes the last 2 weeks, he say that he was in a hospital I do not understand this is this like dream because after he says that I had slept in my own room for the first time since everything happened than suddenly he say that he have a habit of walking into the hospital i do not get this, i will try to understand later. 

The narrator sound like a mental man he say that he woke up heard a train but in his head he heard something else what is this, he also say that it was something that sneak pass the early dawn I think he mean a ghost yes he finial say that it was his overactive imagination.This sound like he is a boy or girl that is going through so kind of paranoia,he also say that this is when i begun to write.